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1. Skara - Lundsbrunn

  • Length

    12 km

  • Elevation

    132 m

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Jonas Ingman

The first section of the Pilgrim trail between Skara and Husaby takes you between the grand Skara cathedral, through a varied landscape consisting of historic town environments, open fields and pine forets to the lush nature in Sörbodalen in Lundsbrunn.

The section varies between gravel roads and forest paths, views over open fiends and forests and provides an easy hike without larger height variations. During the first part of your hike you will pass several historical buildings in Skara, such as the cathedral, the impressive old library from the 1800’s and the first veterinaty school in Sweden from the 1700’s, these days a museum. The trail quickly takes you out on the countryside and offers great views over the characteristic rural landscape in Västergötland. The section ends at the magical stream Mariedalsån and its lush ravine. Combine the walk with a tour on the museum railway Skara-Lundsbrynns järnvägar which is used during the summer months. 

Surface: asphalt, grass roads, gravel roads and forest paths.

Don’t miss: a visit to the historical Skara cathedral before embarking on your hike is a must.

Starting point: Skara cathedral is located in the middle of Skara. Why not take the bus to Skara bus station and walk towards the two towers of the church, where the first section starts? 

Address: Järnvägsgatan 1, Skara. The section ends at Dala kvarn by the nature reserve Mariedalsån in Lundsbrunn. Closest bus stop: Dala. 

Length: 12 km

Time: approximately 3 h, excluding stops

Accommodation: by the start of the section in central Skara there are several options to choose from. Skara Stadshotell is located a couple of hundred metres from the start, and Skara Konsthotell is located in the outskirts of the town, 1,5 km from the start of the section. In Lundsbrunn you can stay at Lundsbrunn resort & spa or Lundsbrunns B&B, both located 1,5 km from the end of the section.

12 km

132 m


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  • pilgrimsled
  • Pilgrimsleden Skara-Husaby
  • Vandringsled




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Photographer: Jonas Ingman
Photographer: Jonas Ingman
Photographer: Jonas Ingman

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