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Etapp 1. Källan-Dals Rostock

  • Length

    22.1 km

  • Elevation

    218 m

  • Degree of difficulty


  • Estimated time


Lisa Sihlberg

This is a very demanding part of Kroppefjällsleden and we recommend that you read the entire text before you go out.

You can now embark on a real adventure along this stage that runs between Källan and Dals Rostock and through six nature reserves!

The stage takes you 22,1 kilometers through lush mixed forest and over bogs, streams and ponds. It runs on forest paths but also along, among other things, Charles XII's road.

Look out for the purple marking with the owl on and make sure you have sturdy water-resistant boots, dry change, food bag, water and a charged mobile. We recommend this stage only for experienced and enduring hikers.

Are you looking for the ultimate adventure? - Then this is the trail for you, good luck!

Length: 22.1 km

Time: 6-7 hours without a break

Difficulty: Challenging

Get here: To get to the Source, you need a car. There is a bus to Dals Rostock.

Substrate: Forest path

Don't miss: The trail goes through a total of 6 nature reserves!

22.1 km

218 m


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  • Vandringsled
  • Skog
  • Naturreservat
  • Kroppefjällsleden



Photographer: Lisa Sihlberg
Photographer: Lisa Sihlberg
Photographer: Lisa Sihlberg
Photographer: Lisa Sihlberg
Photographer: Lisa Sihlberg

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