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Etapp 2. Kroppefjällsslingan

  • Length

    32 km

  • Elevation

    224 m

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Lisa Sihlberg

Kroppefjällsslingan is a 32 km long stage through one of western Sweden's largest wilderness areas. The landscape is varied and partly hilly. The stage goes through high plateaus and wooded rift valleys, along mighty lakes and mysterious ponds.

The majority of the stage goes through three reserves; Buxåsen, Ragnerudsjön's slopes and Kroppefjäll nature reserve. The latter is Dalsland's and one of Västra Götaland's largest reserves. The deep forests that dominate the hike are alternately dense spruce forests, which beautifully strain the sunlight, alternately open pine heaths with low-growing clearings. Every now and then the landscape opens up and a wetland tickles the imagination that a moose should stand on the edge and graze, or that a buzzard should sail above in search of prey. At several of the lakes there are nice resting places, perfect for resting tired legs and for eating a packed lunch.

Due to its relatively high altitude and exposure to the cold winds from Lake Vänern, Kroppefjäll is a snow-sure place. Maybe there is the opportunity for skiing when the snow is dripping in other places around.

There are currently several accommodation options, Ragnerudsjön's camping and Kroppefjäll B&B adjacent to the trail. The windbreak at St. Husemadtjärnet is a beautifully located place to stay for those who want an overnight stay in the open air. In Kroppefjälls nature reserve, you can only camp one night at a time in the same place and otherwise the Right of Public Access applies. The trail runs in its northern part partly along Charles XII's road, which stretches between Dals-Rostock and Järbo.

The trail is a challenging hike in several ways, especially in the nature reserve Ragnerusdsjön's slopes, the hike is steep, but you will also be rewarded with magnificent views of the Dalsländ forests and lakes. In many places bridges have been built, but in other places not. In many places, you also avoid mobile coverage. Put on good boots or boots and go on an adventure in Kroppefjäll's magical nature!

Length: 32 km

Time: 9-10 hours without a break

Difficulty: Challenging

Find here: The Kroppefjälls loop is a round loop and you can choose where on the stage you want to start. The easiest way to get to the stage is by car.

Substrate: Forest path

Don't miss: The wind shelter at St. Husemadtjärnet, which is a beautifully situated place to stay overnight for those who want to spend the night in the open air.

32 km

224 m


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  • Kroppefjällsleden




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Photographer: Linus Bergström

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