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Läckö Slott – Riddaregården

  • Length

    20 km

  • Elevation

    79 m

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Roger Borgelid

The first section of the Biosphere walking trail (or the last depending on your chosen direction) is pompous with the baroque castle of Läckö Slott as a framework. You then continue on the island of Kållandsö in the archipelago landscape of lake Vänern mixed with lush greenery. Later you pass the cute red walking bridge to the peninsula of Kålland. There you find a landscape that opens up to arable land and meadows.

The initial section of the Biosphere trail starts by the baroque castle 

of Läckö out on a promontory on the largest island of lake Vänern– Kållandsö and ends by Riddaregården on the peninsula of Kålland. Läckö castle is a baroque castle dating from the 14th century. It got its current apperance in the 17th century thanks to the count Magnus Gabriel de la Gardie. The pinnacles and towers of the white castle gives a powerful feeling and it is a fantastic photo moment for the start or end of your hike on the Biosphere walking trail.

The distance on the island of Kållandsö continues on smaller gravel roads and leafy soft forest paths. Sometimes you can see a glimpse of lake Vänern and the archipelago among the way. Quite soon you pass the small and pittoresque fishing village of Spiken. This is one of Europes biggest inland fishing port and a perfect place for a small break. 

After about 10km of hiking its time to pass the idyllic red walking bridge to the peninsula of Kålland where the landscape opens up and becomes cultural landscape with arable land and pastures. Soon you also pass a nature reserve called Torsängen which is known for its meadows with old beautiful oaks. By Riddaregården where the section ends you will find a nice well-preserved windmill which was built in the 1880s. Why not settle down and enjoy the view while looking back on a nice day of hiking?This section is quite long but flat why it is still inviting and easy to walk.

How to get here

By Läckö Castle there is a big parking space and also a bus stop operated in summer. Outside summer time you can book a taxi or use the service ”Närtrafik” ( you can book a taxi in advance and pay the same price as for the bus. Another alternative is to shorten the hike with 4 kilometers and start by the fishing village Spiken where the bus stop is operated the whole year around. By Riddaregården there is a bus stop with the same name that is operated all year around.


20 km 


6 hours, exkluding breaks




Gravel roads and forest paths


Läckö Slott






By the start of the section there is a nice litttle hotel with a nice view over lake Vänern and Läckö Castle. In the very same area there is a camp site which is open summertime.

Don´t miss

The fishing village of Spiken with shops, restaurants, Läckö Castle and Naturum Vänerskärgården Victoriahuset. 

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20 km

79 m


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