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3. Råda kyrka – Källby

  • Length

    19 km

  • Elevation

    102 m

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Daniel Ström

The third section offers a nice mix of nature, the charming small town and beautiful views of Lake Vänern. The start is by good excercise tracks and the walking trail then leads you through the small town of Lidköping via the nice beach promenade. The way out of town is through a nature reserve with beach meadows. Often you see the outlook of lake Vänern with the plateau mountain Kinnekulle in the background. Later among the walk you reach the small village of Filsbäck and a few kilometers further on is Källby Station, the end of the section waiting for you.

The third section of The Biosphere walking trail begins by Råda kyrka, a stone´s throw from a nice forest area in the small village of Råda. Soon you will pass a lookout point with a stunning view over Lake Vänern, the plateau mountain Kinnekulle and the city of Lidköping. This is actually more or less an overview of the hiking route you just started. The section continues through forest areas before reaching the beautiful beach walk that will lead the way to the city centre of Lidköping. In Lidköping there is a good range of shops, restaurants, cafes, accomondation and sights to explore among your way. Later on the section gives you nice views on your way out of towb, Soon you reach the nature reserve ”Östra Sannorna” with its winding forest road along beach meadows. This is only one of many nature reserves along the Walkong Trail showing the biodiversity which characterizes the entire biosphere reserve. 

Next stop is the small village of Filsbäck where you can find a cozy camp-site and a bit further on also an unmanned small shop. Thereafter the section is a mix of paved bike paths and gravel roads until the end which is the village of Källby and its train station. It is a good idea to take the train here since the trip between Lidköping and Mariestad has been named Sweden´s most beautiful train route. Good to know is also that you find nice rest areas among the section. In Råda and Östra Sannorna there are also barbecue areas. The section starts with 3 kilometers slightly downhill and is then flat all the way.

How to get here

To Råda church the city bus (line 3) connects to Lidköping with frequent tours. At the church there are also many parking spaces. Källby station is easy to reach by train (Västtåg 3306) from Lidköping or Mariestad. Some departures go all the way to Gothenburg or Örebro. There are also buses to Lidköping. 


19 km 


5 hours, exkluding breaks




Asphalt, forest paths and gravel roads


Råda kyka




Biosfärleden / Biosphere trail


Only 2 kilometers from Källby station there is a cozy rural hostel called Äventyrsgården. In Lidköping that is easily reached from both Råda and Lidköping there are several different accommodation in different price ranges. 

Don´t miss

A cup of coffee in the cozy old parts of Lidköping and a swim in the lake by the beach i Filsbäck if the weather is nice. A short detour from Råda you find an urban farm with cozy environment and good pastries.

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19 km

102 m


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