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5.Trolmen - Hällekis

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    14 km

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    137 m

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Jesper Anhede

Section number 5 starts by the small train station of Trolmen. As mentioned earlier the sights on this are many and now there are three in close succession. Firstly you reach the small harbour of Råbäck. Here you will also find an old stonemasonry, an industrial memory from the 19th century.

When you continue the hike you walk through beautiful stepped edges of limestone. Soon you walk by a stair on your left hand side. The hiking trail continues to the right but its recommended to take a small detour and take a look downstairs. Namely, there is one of West Swedens most valuable nature reserves. ”Munkängarna” is an old park with deciduous trees mostly known for its flowering ramson during late spring time but it is worth seeing all year around. When you walk upstairs again you reach the third big sight on this section.  The big quarry of Kinnekulle with its 40 meter high limestone walls. Limestone was mined here for almost 100 years until the end of the 20th century, mostly for cement production. Only some kilometers away you walk through a grand alle and end up on one of Kinnekulles elegant mansions, Hellekis. Hellekis is best known for its magnificent garden.  There is also a greenhouse with art exhibitions and a restaurant here. Thereafter a short downhill takes you to the shoreline of Vänern. You pass Kinnekulle camping and a nice swimming area before the section is terminated with the cliff edges of Söckeviken the last kilometers towards the village of Hällekis. 

Don´t miss: Small harbour of Råbäck, Big quarry of Kinnekulle, The nature of Munkängarna and Hellekis Mansion with its beautiful garden.

How to get here: The start of the section is right by the small train station of Trolmen (a sight in itself). It is trafficed by Västtrafik and takes you to Lidköping and Mariestad. By the end of the section you find the Station of Hällekis that belongs to the very same train line called Kinnekullebanan.

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14 km

137 m


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