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6.Hällekis – Myrbacken

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    11 km

  • Elevation

    89 m

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Daniel Ström

Stage 6 goes from Hällekis station to Myrbacken. This stage begins along Lake Vänern, parallel to the Sjöråsleden. You will pass the small community Forshem and walk past idyllic farms with cows and sheep. This is a cozy walking distance that really take you out into the Skara-borg countryside. There are a few resting places at the beginning of this walking distance and it is a very flat walking distance which makes this walking very easy.

The sixth stage of the biosphere trail begins at the station in the com-munity Hällekis. You walk along the idyllic Falkängsvägen. The houses here are the same as they were built as workers’ housing for the cement factory at the turn of the century. Today there are 12 craft collectives from all over Sweden in the houses. During the summer they sell crafts. Here you also find a café and a hostel. 

After the idyllic Falkängsvägen you will soon pass the harbor in Hällekis. After a few kilometers the trail turns into forest paths and gravel roads until you reach the small village of Forshem. Here you will find a medieval church dating from the 12th century, which is the only burial church in the Nordic countries. In Forshem you will also find a well-known inn called Forshems Gästgivargård. Forshems Gästgivargård is from the beginning of the 17th century and thus Sweden’s oldest inn. This inn is still active with pubs on summer evenings and Christmas dinners on Winters. 

From Forshem the trail changes character a bit and you end up in the mid-dle of the idyllic countryside. Small gravel roads and forest paths take you through arable land and pastures with grazing sheep and cows. The stage ends in Myrbacken, which is in the middle of this landscape, but it is only a few kilometers from the train station in Äskekärr. The train can take you back to Kinnekulle and Lidköping or even towards Mariestad.

How to get here

The start of the stage at Hällekis station has public transport along the train’s Kinnekulle line, which mainly goes between Lidköping-Mariestad. Hällekis station also has a small parking mot for cars. From Myrbacken you have 1 km to Äskekärr station where there is parking lots and public transport with the same mentioned train line.


11 km 


3 hours, exkluding breaks




Gravel roads and smaller paved roads






Biosfärleden / Biosphere trail


At the start of the stage in Hällekis there are two accommodations. One of the two accommodations is the hostel and the other one is a self-catering cottages. Four kilometers outside the community you also find Kinnekulle Camping and Stugby. 

In Myrbacken, the final destination of the stage, there are no accom-modation options.

Don´t miss

Forshem with its well-reputed church

Download the stage as PDF here!

11 km

89 m


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  • Biosfärleden




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