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17.Nordens Ark-Lyckan

  • Length

    7.5 km

  • Elevation

    66 m

  • Degree of difficulty


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Jonas Ingman/

A short but beautiful section. Parts of is runs along the shore of the fjord Åbyfjorden. If you're lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a tiger.

In Sotenäs, the Kuststigen trail goes on parts of the much more widespread Soteleden Trail. The municipality of Sotenäs has prioritized certain sections of the Soteleden trail, and also marked them as Kuststigen.

The section starts at Nordens Ark, runs along the shore of the fjord Åbyfjorden, outside the animal fence of Nordens Ark. There is a nice swimming area at Röd, a short stretch off the trail. The trail then continues towards Rödsberget where the hiker can enjoy a hut/wind shelter and rest area with magical view over the fjord. The fjord is an important wintering place for seabirds and waders. The hiking trail follows the edge of the fjord, with some steep cliffs. The end of the section partly follows small gravel and asphalt roads on its way towards Lyckan. 

Distance: 7.5 km

Time: 3-4 hours

Difficulty: Medium - Difficult

Surface: Path, dirt road. Hilly.

7.5 km

66 m


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  • Skog
  • Hav
  • Vindskydd
  • Badplats
  • Vandringsled
  • Kuststigen




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