Trail section

7. Hoga-Göksäter

  • Length

    11 km

  • Elevation

    85 m

  • Degree of difficulty


  • Estimated time


Anneli Fredriksson/Orust kommun

The second section of the Kuststigen-trail on the island of Orust runs from Hoga to shopping in Göksäter.

On the island of Orust, the Kuststigen-trail consists of the hiking trail "Across Orust", four different stages on a total of 44 kilometers of nature and cultural trail - from coast to coast. Along the route there is a wide range of cultural and natural monuments and thus is both a natural and cultural geographic experience. Along the trail there are many good examples of how the cultural landscape has evolved and changed since the first people came to Orust more than 10,000 years ago.

The section starts at the rune stone at Hoga. There is a larger parking area and a bus stop. From here, the trail goes west over Orust. Through an open forest and cultivated landscape, past both overgrown fields and fields that are still used.

Soon the trail passes three large wind turbines and continues on an old church road on its route towards Göksäter.

In Göksäter, the trail again reaches paved roads. Carefully walk the last part along the road to the goal of the section, opposite the big shopping-store in Göksäter. Stop for provisioning or lunch.

Distance: 11 km

Time: 3-4 hours

How to get here: In Hoga there is a bus stop called bus Hoga Nedre. In Göksäter there is a bus stop Göksäter.

Difficulty: Medium

Surface: Dirt road and forest path

11 km

85 m


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  • Skog
  • Vandringsled
  • Kuststigen



Photographer: Anneli Fredriksson/Orust kommun

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