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6. Svanesund-Hoga

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    11 km

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    99 m

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Anneli Fredriksson/Orust kommun

The first part of the Kuststigen-trail that stretches across the island of Orust, from the town of Svanesund to the rune-stone at Hoga.

On the island of Orust, the Kuststigen-trail consists of the hiking trail "Across Orust", four different stages on a total of 44 kilometers of nature and cultural trail - from coast to coast. Along the route there is a wide range of cultural and natural monuments and thus is both a natural and cultural geographic experience. Along the trail there are many good examples of how the cultural landscape has evolved and changed since the first people came to Orust more than 10,000 years ago.

The first part of the Kuststigen-trail on Orust runs between Svanesund and Hoga. Svanesund is a small community. For the hiker, this is a good place to supply and fill with water. The trail runs from the ferry location through the community, along cycle paths. On the outskirts of society, the trail passes Orust's only ship carving.

After the community, the trail leaves the asphalt and initially goes through overgrown small hilly cultural land. A few kilometers into the stage, the trail passes the Cultural Path in Kultehamn. Here are several house ruins that testify to harsh living conditions and remnants of a millstone quarry.

The trail continues through a hilly forest landscape, up towards Borrefjäll. Here is a detour to the remains of an old ancient castle.

From here, the trail goes along gravel roads down to road 160 that crosses Orust. The stage ends at Hoga. Here is a larger parking lot and an old run stone. Also nearby is a bus stop.

Distance: 11 km

Time: 3-4 hours

Difficulty: Medium

Surface: Asphalt, gravel and forest path

How to get here: Bus and car ferry go to Svansesund's färjeläge. At Höga there is a bus stop called Hoga.

Not to me missed: The rune stone at Hoga

11 km

99 m


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