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Vassbovik - Glimmingen

  • Length

    12 km

  • Elevation

    120 m

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Olle Wängborg

The 12'th section of the Bohusleden trail run between Vassbovik and Glimmingen in Uddevalla municipality. The section is varied and not very demanding.

Around the starting point Vassbovik, nature is hilly but relatively nice. The trail mostly follows easily wandered forest paths and ascends to an area crossed by local hiking trails and exercise trails.

From there, the trail follows one of the tracks to a sports field in Stenhult. From here, the trail continues a couple of kilometers across open at the edge of the field, and then return to varied forest and agricultural environments.

Surface: This section is mainly on dirt road and forest paths, and in the ens some asphalt.

Approximate time: It takes approximately 5 hours to hike this section, excluding breaks.

Not to be missed: The tombstone near Stenshult is a grave from the Iron Age (ca. 400 BC – 1050 AD). It consists of a round paving and a remnant stone in the middle.

How to get here: Vassbovik is difficult to get to by bus. In Glimmingen there is a bus stop with the same name.

Accommodation: For information on accommodation, see the map planning tool and select accommodation.

There are no proposed places for accommodation in neither Vassbovik nor Glimmingen. In Glimmingen you can take a bus to Uddevalla for an overnight stay.

12 km

120 m


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