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Fontin - Grandalen

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    16 km

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    156 m

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Hiking-friendly trails and gravel roads take you from Fontin in Kungälv, via meadows, fields and forest to the border of the wild nature reserve Svartedalen. This is where the wilderness begins.

The seventh section of the Bohusleden Trail goes through Kungälv District, between Fontin and Grandalen.

The walk starts by the small pond Svarte Mosse and follows footpaths in the Reserve, through bird-rich broadleaved woodland and across forested mountain plateaus. The Trail then continues along narrow gravel roads and paths through farmland, woodland and urban areas.

Roughly two thirds of the way along this section, the Trail reaches Lake Romesjön. Here there is a swimming and picnic area and it is also possible to put up a tent here. North of Lake Romesjön, the trail soon enters a dense woodland. The trail then passes the small farm of Dalen, suitable for a picnic stop.

The section is relatively easy but long and it is hillier towards the end.


Surface: This section of the trail is mainly on dirt road and forest path

Approximate time: It takes approximately 6-7 hours to walk this section, excluding breaks.

Not to be missed: The detour up on Mount Aleklätten. The top, 134 meters above sea level, gives a fantastic view. In ancient times, the old fortress at the top of the mountain was an important refuge. Aleklätten is located close to the trail, about 5 km north of the start in Kungälv.

How to get here: Kungälv is easy to reach with both car and public transport. For public transportation, choose either busa stop Eriksdal, or go to Färdevägen which is closer to Fontin. There is a bus stop in Grandalen, but the bus does not go here very often. Check before when there are buses. Another alternative is to take a bus to the center of Diseröd and get to the trail from there.

Fore more information, please see the map-planning tool and select transport.

Accommodation: For suggestions on accommodation, please see the map planner and choose accommodation.


16 km

156 m


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