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Kåsjön - Jonsered

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    8 km

  • Elevation

    145 m

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Stages 2-6 are part of the Swedish Tourist Association's "Signature Trail Gothenburg", which is particularly beautiful, selected and quality assured through the Swedish Tourist Association.

Section 4 of the Bohusleden trail goes through the District of Partille, between Lake Kåsjön and Jonsered. 

From Lake Kåsjön, the trail runs in a northeasterly direction and soon reaches Lake Madern. There is a small shelter here, which is suitable for both having a picnic and sleeping overnight. At this spot, the Vildmarksleden and Bohusleden trails divide.

The Bohusleden trail soon passes a small tarn in the woods, with a small picnic place, and then continues through old growth woodland, crosses the E20 motorway and continues to Jonsered. Jonsered was once an industrial community and has many beautiful and well-preserved industrial buildings along the River Säveån. There are several different facilities available here. 

This section mostly runs along woodland paths and provides mostly easy walking. 

Surface: This section is mainly forest path. Small parts of the section is gravel road and asphalt road.

Approximate time. It takes approximately 3 hours to walk this section.

Not to be missed: A stop at Lake Madern or the small pond at Råhult. Marvel at the large boulder in the middle of the forest about two-thirds into the section. Cultural history at Jonsered's old factories.

How to get here: It is easy to take public transport to both Kåsjön, bus stop Åstebo, or to Jonsered, Jonsered train station. For more information on how to get to the section, please see transport under the map planning tool.

Accommodation: For suggestions on accommodation, please see the map planning tool and select accommodation.

8 km

145 m


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  • Forsande vatten
  • Historia
  • Skog
  • Tätortsnära
  • Vindskydd
  • Bohusleden



Photographer: Olle Wängborg

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