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Högstad - Strömstad

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    15 km

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    83 m

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Fredrik Schenholm/Vä

Bohusleden's last, or first, stage offers a couple of exciting detours, a magnificent cave and wonderful views as well as a nice walk in or out of Strömstad

Section 27 of the Bohusleden Trail runs between Högstad and the centre of Strömstad.

The Trail takes you along winding paths, in beautiful wooded terrain, on small roads through farmland, among houses and across exposed bedrock. It also passes many archaeological remains and you even follow in the footsteps of the Carolean Army.  

A couple of kilometres from Högstad, it is possible to take a short detour to a Bronze Age grave. It is located just outside of Bovall. After another few kilometres, there is another detour, this time to a beautifully located hut/shelter on the top of a mountain. The view is fantastic from here. 

The next surprise is a little further on along the Trail. At the bottom of the mountain the woodland is wild and untouched, and you suddenly find yourself standing in an impressive cave. 

As you near Strömstad, you will pass the motorway between Göteborg and Olso. It is impossible to retain the sensation of the wonderful nature here. The end of the section is however lovely and takes you, after a while, down through the centre of Strömstad. 

How to get here: Both Högstad and Strömstad is easy to reach with both car and public transportation. For more information, please see the map-planning tool.

Surface: Asphalt, dirt road and forest path

Time: It takes approximately 5 hours to hike this section

Not to be missed: A detour to the shelter and the view at Rogstad and a stop at the large cave / shelf just below.

How to get here: In Högstad there is a bus stop called Högstad. Along the stage there is also the bus stop Blomsholmsmotet. In Stömstad there are both bus and train. For more information on transport, see the map planning tool.

Accommodation: For suggestions on accommodation, see the map planning tool and choose accommodation.

15 km

83 m


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  • Tätortsnära
  • Utsikt
  • Vindskydd
  • Vandringsled
  • Bohusleden




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