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Porsås - Nornäs

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    7 km

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    200 m

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Lukasz Warzecha/Vä

The Bohus Trail takes you on old trails and countryside roads through easy hiking. You pass the notorious Göpadalen where the lynx went hard for the livestock that graced up the mountain.

Stage 22 on Bohusleden takes you from Porsås to Nornäs, in the municipality of Tanum.

The route runs on old paths and countryside roads through easy hiking terrain. You pass, among other things, the notorious Göpadalen where the lynx went hard for the livestock that used to grace on the mountain. (Göpa is an old locally used word for lynx.)

The trail also crosses marsh and rock fields with idyllic little ponds. Between the start of the stage and the geographical Porsåsen you will find a ruin of a church village.and

Porsås is Bufjället's highest point, 202 meters above sea level. Here you will find a bronze age rose

The stage leads on to the final destination of Nornäs on Lake Kornsjön. On a cape in the lake and old age next to the stage goal Nornäs there is a beautiful windshield.

If you walk from the north, you should remember that it is approximately 22 kilometers between this hut/shelter and the hut/ shelter at Flötemarkens Wilderness Camp (read more information under stage 21)

About the Lynx: The Lynx is the only wild cat in the Nordic region. The tail looks stumped, only two inches long and with a black tip. The Lynx has long characteristic fur fabrics on the ears. The length of the body is about one meter and the height is 60-75 cm. A fully grown male weighs 20-25 kilos.

The lynx is high-legged but quite short in body. The hind legs are longer than the front legs. The summer coat is light yellowish-brown with darker spots. The winter coat is much brighter and grayer, especially in northern Sweden.

The female usually gives birth to 2-3 cubs. In Scandinavia, the main food is deer or reindeer, as well as hare and forest birds. It happens that lynx also takes domestic animals today, mainly sheep.

Surface: This section of the trail in on dirt road and forest path

Time: It takes approximately 3 hours tio hike this section.

Not to be missed: At the tightest point of Bufjället, 202 meters above sea level, you will find, among other things, a bronze age cairn.

How to get here: Neither Porsås nor Nornäs can be easily reached by public transport. But, about 2 km east of the starting point in Porsås, there is a bus stop called Loviseholm, which is served from Ed in Dalsland. For more information on transport, see Take you to the stage.

Accommodation: There are no suggested places for accommodation along this section of the trail.

7 km

200 m


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