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Flötemarksön - Porsås

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    14 km

  • Elevation

    184 m

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Olle Wängborg

A stage that is only recommended for those who want to hike a long distance and must pass here. Parts of the sections is not marked at all and here the hiker must find her own way.

The stage runs between Flötemarksön and Porsås, but on part of the section there is no continuous marking.

Much has changed since this stage. The start and finish of the stage have been moved and the trail markings have been removed after a longer distance, which the landowner has demanded. In addition the miniciupality has had to remove huts/shelters at Stora Kornsjön and Daletjärnen.

Tanum Municipality, which is responsible for the stage, does everything it can to make the Bohusleden trail again coherent.

There are marking from the start of the stage, called Flötemarksön, to the bridge at Holmen and from national highway 164 to the stage goal, which is called Porsås. The start of the stage is adjacent to the public road, which means a good opportunity for delivery or pick-up. About 200 meters north of the road there are also a few parking spaces.

We leave the hiker to orientate herself between the bridge at Holmen and highway 164 using a map and compass. There are paths to hike on and you do so with the right you have in accordance with the right of public access. If you feel insecure, it may be good to think that you have highway 164 as a clear border in the north. If you walk south you can think of having Stora Kornsjön on your left and that you will encounter the road leading to the bridge at Holmen.

Close to Flötemarken there is a wilderness-camping. You must aalways call in advance to book a hut/shelter or a tent. Please use the number (+46) 070-5570220

For your own safety, you should keep in mind that there is about 22 kilometers between the overnight accommodation in the hut/shelter at Flötemarken wilderness camping and the hut/shelter at Nornäs, the goal of stage 22.

Surface: Dirt road and forest path

Time: It takes approximately 5-6 hours to hike this section.

Not to be missed: Check out the beautiful rapids that are formed by the outlet from Kornsjöarnas. They roar and whisper near the public road, about 500 meters east and one kilometer west from the farm Roslund The outlet from the large lake system Kornsjöarna passes partly through the river Kynne Älv, south of Flötemarksön, and partly through a smaller watercourse on the northern side.

How to get here: Neither Vaktarkullen nor Porsås can be easily reached by public transport. About 2 km east of the destination in Porsås, there is a bus stop called Loviseholm, which is served from Ed in Dalsland. For more information about transport, see the map planning tool.

Accommodation: There are no suggested places for accommodation along the section.

14 km

184 m


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