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Vassbotten - Håvedalen

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    19 km

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    186 m

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Olle Wängborg

Mountains and bare cliffs, forests, rocky fields and agricultural countryside and also a mile-wide view characterize this stage. All in one.

The 24th section of the Bohusleden Trail runs between Vassbotten in the District of Tanum and Håvedalen in the District of Strömstad.

This is, we think, one of the most beautiful sections of the Bohusleden Trail. The first part of the section closely follows the Norwegian border and by Snarsmon, at Ejgdefjäll, there is an old settlement for travellers. After Lake Ejgdesjön the Trail passes a few smaller and larger lakes. They are beautiful, undisturbed and wild. 

By the southern shore of Ekelidsvattnet, you can find a picnic spot with a rock shelter – a natural shallow cave-like opening in the rock. You can easily find the picnic spot by following the marked detour.

Further along the Trail you are soon in the strange area called Tolvmanstegen, a high mountainous landscape. In places walkers, when the weather is good, get an amazing view over the northerly parts of Bohuslän and glittering sea to the west. The Trail also goes through a large wind farm here. 

After Tolvmanstegen the landscape changes again. The cliffs become more and more covered in trees and towards the end of the section, the Trail goes through woodland, past farms on both gravel and asphalt. A kilometre or so before the end of the section at Håvedalen, there is a hut/shelter with a barbeque.

Surface: The beginning of the section is on asphalt, the rest is on dirt road and forest path

Time: Approximately 7-8 hours

Not to be missed: Near Vassbotten is the beautiful waterfall Älgafallet. A stop at the northern part of Lake Eigdesjön. The view from the top of the Tolvmanstegen.

How to get here: About 6 km south of Vassbotten there is a bus stop called Hoklekärr. In the vicinity of Håvedalen are the bus stops Håvedalen and Allemarksvägen. For more information on transport, see the map planning tool.

Accommodation: For more information on accommodation, see the map planning tool and select accommodation.

19 km

186 m


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