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Metsjö - Kaserna

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    17 km

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    161 m

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Lisa Sihlberg / Västkuststiftelsen

Section 15 of the Bohusleden Trail runs between Metsjö in the District of Uddevalla and Kaserna, in Munkedal. The route goes through varied and sometimes dramatic countryside, through dense spruce woodland, along steep cliff-edges, past lakes and though an old rural landscape. It is in places quite challenging and hilly, but the surroundings are very varied and beautiful.

But it is not just wilderness. It is also an area with a bloody history of war and troubles. The Trail passes Lake Övre Trästickeln. This was the border-country in the fighting between Sweden and Norway right up until the 1700s. The latter part of the section goes through Strömmarnas Nature Reserve. It ends just beyond the western part of the Reserve, by the Canoe Centre at Kaserna. There are five different shelters along or close to this section.

There are several huts/shelters along this section of the trail, as well as a bookable cabin right next to Strömmarnas nature reserve.

In the nature reserve Strömmarna the trail divides and goes on either side of the Munkedal River. Just before you reach the end of the section they joint again. These alternatives are made possible by two bridges. However, the eastern bridge was demolished in May 2019. It will be restored with a new bridge. The northern section is therefore recommended at present.

Surface: This section is on dirt roads and forest paths.

Time: It takes approximately 6-7 hours to hike this sectrion.

Not to be missed: A stop in the nature reserve Strömmarna. The view over lake Trästickeln.

How to get here: Neither Metsjö nor Kaserna can easily be reached by public transport. If you choose to start the hike on stage 15 at Metsjö, it is definitely easiest to get here by car. If you start at Kaserna in Munkedal, you can get to Munkedal's urban area by bus or train. Further to Kaserna there is a limited bus connection, but it is excellent to walk through the community and connect to the trail. From Munkedal station you walk through the park Örekilsparken, over the suspension bridge and the walkway up to road 924. When you reach the road you turn left and follow through Stale. After about 2 kilometers you turn left towards Hedekas. Shortly after you turn you turn right towards Björid. Follow the road for about 2 kilometers and you reach the trail. Connect south at the end of Stage 16 and it will take you to Stage 15 at the Kaserna.

For more information, please see the map planning tool.

Accommodation: For information on accommodation, see the map planner and select accommodation.

For more alternatives to simpler accommodations near Munkedal, see here.

17 km

161 m


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