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Hasteröd - Vassbovik

  • Length

    22 km

  • Elevation

    175 m

  • Degree of difficulty


  • Estimated time


Olle Wängborg

A very beautiful section that takes you to the nature reserve Bredfjället, along several lakes and through old forests.

The eleventh section of the Bohusleden Trail runs between Hasteröd in Lilla Edet to Vassbovik in the District of Uddevalla. A short stretch at the beginning is very steep and therefore quite challenging. The height variation becomes much less after this first stretch and the section follows paths past small lakes, alongside wetlands and eventually takes you to Lake Store Väktor. There is a shelter here where you can stay overnight.

Just before the shelter, by Buddegärdet, there is a marked access road towards Backamo. In Backamo there is the option to join the Kuststigen Trail - The Coastal Trail.

After continuing north along the shore of Lake Store Väktor, you reach the climb up on the hill Bredfjället, which is largely designated as a nature reserve for biodiversity, cultural history and for recreation. The latter part of the section runs along small roads, partly bordered by water and arable fields. 

Surface: This section is on dirt roads and forest paths.

Approximate time: It takes approximately 6-7 hours to hike this section

Not to be missed: A break in Bredfjällets nature reserve

How to get here: Haströd and Vassbovik are difficult to reach by public transportation. It is possible to get to the bus stop Backamo Airport and from here to get to the trail.

Accommodation: For information on accommodation, see the map planner and select accommodation.

There is no suggested accommodation close to Vassbovik.

22 km

175 m


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  • Naturreservat
  • Skog
  • Vandringsled
  • Bohusleden



Photographer: Olle Wängborg

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