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Kaserna - Borgmästarbruket

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    83 m

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Fredrik Schenholm/Vä

A section with plenty of water, flowing rapids and pebble beaches. Very close to Munkedal centre, but wild and exotic.

The 16th section goes between Kaserna and Harska, in Munkedal municipality. The trail starts next to the canoe center in Harska. There is parking, a billboard and an outdoor patio. Water can be replenished when the canoe center is manned.

Follow the Munkedal River and Örekilsälven on the paths and small roads. Here are a number of ponds, built to supply Munkedal's paper mill with water and which the beaver is thriving in. Luckily, you will see how beavers build dams on their own, with tree branches, sticks and mud. They are rodents, which mainly feed on twigs and aquatic plants, never whole trees.

The Örekils River is Bohuslän's second largest watercourse and one of southern Sweden's best fishing waters. Fishing is required for fishing licenses. After the river, the kingfisher, whiskers and sealfish thrive. The latter two for all insects.

Along the stage there are a number of attractions and detours:

Not to be missed:

Kaserna was the author Pontus Wikner's childhood home, which is now a hometown. If you would like to rent a canoe at the Kaserna, visit for more information The outdoor promotion website or contact the association via email

The town of Munkedal is well worth a stop. Instead of turning and going in a northerly direction just north of the paper mill, follow the road in a southerly direction and you easily find yourself in the community. The approximately 2.5 kilometers to the city center takes about 30 minutes to walk. Here you will find connection with public transport, the possibility of provisioning, buying fishing licenses etc. Along the rapids river there are both older and contemporary working environments. Munkedal's Manor and a grand stone bridge, with both milestone and King Fredrik's crowned name cipher from 1737.

The Bråland-fall is the largest water fall n the Örekil River. Here, as at Torp, salmon stairs have been built to allow the fish to reach the Kärnsjön on their further upward path.

Borgmästarbruket (The mayor's farm)is the end of the section, located along the river, just before Torp. Here are the remnants of the first industrialization in Munkedal, including sawmills, mills, forging and housing. There is also the opportunity to enjoy your lunch bag here.

Surface: This section is on a mix of forest path, dirt road and asphalt

Time: It takes approximately 2-3 hours to hike this section. 

How to get here:  The end of the section can be reached by public transport. Go to the bus stop Smedsbergskrysset. Along the trail you find the bus stop Stenbron.

You can connect a bit into section 16 even from Munkedal's urban area where you come by bus or train. It is excellent to walk through the community and connect to the trail. From Munkedal station you walk through the Örekilsparken, over the suspension bridge and the walkway up to road 924. When you reach the road you turn left and follow through Stale. After about 2 kilometers you turn left towards Hedekas. Shortly after you pass Munkedal's chapel on the left, you can connect to Bohusleden stage 16.

Accommodation: For suggestions on accommodation, see the map planning tool and choose accommodation.

6 km

83 m


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