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Grandalen - Bottenstugan

  • Length

    8.5 km

  • Elevation

    164 m

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Lukasz Warzecha/Vä

Magic forest, moss-covered boulders and small earth stars. At this section, the hiker encounters untouched, wild and beautiful nature.

Bohusleden's eighth stage goes through an old cultural landscape in the Svartedalen nature reserve. Svartedalen is one of Western Sweden's largest contiguous coniferous forest areas and is associated with mystery, large forests and grumpy nature. It is a lake-rich primeval mountain landscape where the coniferous forest dominates.

The area is important for recreation and a popular destination for excursions and camping, forest walks, mushroom and berry picking and orienteering.

In the area there are beautiful viewpoints, swimming areas, canoeing water and good opportunities to catch noble fish. The trail passes several farm ruins that allow us to imagine how life was for those who once lived there.

The stage requires a certain hiking habit and fitness, as the terrain is quite hilly in parts. Along the route there are two well-located wind shelters that you can spend the night in. At the end of the section, at the Bottenstugan, there are two more wind shelters, a barbecue area with firewood and a tordass.

Surface: Forest path

Time: 3-4 hours

Don't miss: Stopping at the old cottage ruins and reading about what life was like for those who lived in the cottages at the beginning of the 20th century.

Getting here: It is not that easy to get either to Grandalen or Bottenstugan by bus. At Grandalen there is the Grandalen bus stop and at Bottenstugan there is the Anvik bus stop, both of which are only used very rarely. An alternative is to get there by bus to Diseröds Centrum and get to the trail from there.

This stage is financed with support from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development within the Rural Program with the aim of making the hiking trail accessible to residents and visitors.

8.5 km

164 m


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  • Naturreservat
  • Skog
  • Utmanande
  • Vindskydd
  • Vandringsled
  • Bohusleden




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